Monday, November 23, 2009

Retro was the theme this weekend

This entire weekend had a theme, and that was retro/old school.

Mid week, Dave and I decided to make a video game for our friend Val for her birthday. We took all of the nonsensical things that she liked and put them all in a game. A lot of the elements were from old school games and it was fun using music, sound effects and graphics in this hodgepodge of a game.

On Saturday, I had a reunion with some of my classmates from 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It was all kinds of awesome. We shared stories about the past, what we had been up to, etc. It was great.

Then, on Sunday night, a friend was in from California and I was able to get pretty much everyone who used to hang out back in the day together. I also rented The New Super Mario Bros, which is Mario Bros. but with 4 people playing at once. It was like old school gaming with old school friends, but the game was newer and the friends were older. Jeff even delayed the start of the game because his mom was texting him, which is oddly similar to how it used to be when we were kids, only she used to scream for him instead of sending texts.

It's strange how much history repeated this weekend. It was great.