Monday, April 20, 2009

Jamie Jabber 12 - Letterboxing adventure

A truckload of porcupines was being transferred from the Pt
Defiance Park Zoo in Tacoma to the Cougar Mountain Zoo near
Issaquah. Instead of taking the interstates to the new location,
the driver opted to take a shortcut over Cougar Mountain because he
was hungry and wanted to get to the famous donut shop in Issaquah
before they turned off the donuts now' sign. Well, his
shortcut proved a very unwise decision. He was whizzing around the
bend of SE Newcastle-Coal Creek Road heading East when he lost
control of the truck. Just as it was supposed to veer North, the
truck careened off the road and flipped over multiple times landing
in a gravel parking area. Being the careless person that he was,
his poorly tied-down cargo went flying deep into the woods.
Fortunately, no animals were hurt during this incident—in fact, the
only thing really injured was this man's pride!

Well, the precious prickly cargo ended up somewhere near the Ford Slope
mining exhibit. Confused and dazed a bit, one member of this precious cargo
managed to wriggle himself from his cage. He found himself near a mining
car full of coal! Anxious to find his way to his new home at the zoo, he
decided to set off on his own attempt to find
his way there.
The confusion started to get the best of him.

He headed West on the Rainbow Town Trail until he saw the junction with
the Wildside Trail. He figured the zoo would HAVE to be near
something with a Wildside. He ventured South for a tad and then
started to grow a bit weary and a bit warm from the trek. He
noticed some nearby steam but wanted to avoid it at all costs. He
eventually noticed his namesake-trail and just HAD to investigate
it. Lo & behold, it was paradise (at least it was for him)! Here
he found a lawn chair, tropical drinks and some shades under some
bark behind what he thinks was the first large alder on the right.
So, he decided to stay and kick back in the area for the rest of his