Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gardenburger Flame-Grilled burgers to be discontinued

Last week, I hosted the Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger Massacre. Everything was going great until I went to buy the burgers...they were gone.

Like, completely gone. I went to 8 stores. Nothing. Someone coming to the party found the last 3 boxes at a Whole Foods and the day was saved.

During the search, I emailed Kellogs to ask them what was up. I got the answer last night:


Thank you for your inquiry concerning our Gardenburger® Flame Grilled Burger.

I am very sorry to inform you that due to lower than expected sales figures we have reluctantly decided to cease production of our Gardenburger® Flame Grilled Burger. We are aware that we have some very loyal consumers and it is very disappointing that we are unable to continue with this product.

I sincerely regret the disappointment caused on this occasion and hope you are able to find another burger of ours that you enjoy just as much.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Best of health,

Giselle Mendoza
Consumer Specialist
Consumer Affairs

Super. Omega. Fail.

Time to find an alternative.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The implications of telling the world to f**k off!

Reading the book, Ishmael (which you should all know about because you watched this:, it becomes very obvious that humans have exempted themselves from nature. We own it. Or we act like we do. Along with this ownership comes the logic that we can bend the rules how we please. The first, and maybe the biggest, rule that was broken related to where we could live and sustain ourselves. All other animals live off of the land, off of the balance that nature provides.

Man gave nature the finger when they...get ready for it...learned how to grow food.

It's a weird concept, right? That planting crops is a BAD thing. But think about other animal plants crops and grows their own food...they live off of what is there on THAT DAY. They don't stockpile and systematically kill every other plant and animal that is a "threat" to their food source. They don't harvest other animals or plants. They take what they need in the moment and that's that. Except for animals who save food for the winter, but even they don't kill other animals or crops to meet this end...they just save what they got THAT DAY. We use a faulty, man-made system that is causing a TON of issues for EVERYTHING on the planet.

The upshot to all of this, the implication of giving nature the finger, is that we EXEMPT ourselves from natural selection. Normally, if you were living in a place or condition that you weren't designed to survive in, you died. End of story. Nobody lived there. Ever.

Then we learned to grow crops in those places. We played Mother Nature and chose where plants grow and where we lived. No other animal does that! They can't. They can't go and tame the earth so that it meets THEIR needs, it's the other way around, and that is the law that we are defying as humans and the point of the book Ishmael.

So now natural selection is pretty much non-existent. We get cold, we put on a coat. We get hot, we turn on the AC. We get sick, we take medicine. We get injured, we go to the hospital. We eat garbage and our heart LITERALLY BREAKS and we have surgery. There is an earthquake and we start up fund raisers and relief efforts and we rebuild.

Every possible avenue that nature has to balance our existence on this planet, we block it as best we can. This is practically a SIN against the world.

But look at how we are raised. Outside of some religions, are there any schools of thought that say "when it's your time to go, it's your time to go"? Not that I know of. And yet, that makes SO MUCH SENSE! When it is time for the gazelle to live and the lion to go hungry, as the book puts it, that's what happens. And when it's time for the gazelle to die to keep the balance of nature going, the gazelle dies.

What about when grandma gets cancer (which is probably our fault anyway because of the poison we ingest) or dad needs another open heart surgery? These are obvious signs from nature that state that IT'S YOUR TIME TO GO.

Earth has its own mind. It will have earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis....and we can't stop it. What we DO do however, is pour money and resources into making sure that the people that the earth was practically shaking off are all OK.

And it sounds cruel, because that is how we have been raised, but when we have a natural "disaster", maybe it is best that we let those people go. Those that survive are strong, or at least lucky, and they can generate better offspring. The fat, slow, sickly man who only survives the flood because a helicopter got him off of the roof of his house should probably die.

Even healthy people will die, but you know what? That's kind of what we need. There are TOO MANY of us on this planet. We spread to places that we weren't meant to live. We established homes and tools that help us survive in climates that we wouldn't last a week in on our own. We trick our bodies with chemicals to ward off the natural mechanisms of nature to off us and balance the human race.

Bottom line: we are going to face massive deaths sooner or later. You can only outrun natural laws for so long. The question I have is this: should we start changing the way we look at people and survival in order to embrace the natural flow of life, death and balance or do we continue to defy every attempt that nature makes to balance our race by improving technology, medicine and unnatural methods to prevent death?