Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jessica's poem!

Poem from an old classmate and friend.  1996.


By Jessica Burns

Bugs, bugs
Including slugs
Along with bumble bees;
Those fuzzy yellow things with wings
That make their homes in trees.

These things of such contempt and hate
I wish they would move out of state!
But there is nothing I can really do
(Except kill an ant or two.)

Only if the world were bug-free,
What a wonderful place that would surely be!
But with every life I do deprive
A fateful day will soon arrive.
So as I hold up my nose,
This poem comes to a sudden close.


It should also be noted that under the memories section, it is printed: "In the morning (8A) Jessica Burns would always pray for "poverty world-wide, any upcoming tests, and your families and mine.""

I COMPLETELY forgot that she used to do that!

Good job at being awesome, Jessica!